We are not issuing medicines in advance of due date

Please note that we are not issuing medicines in advance of their due date as this might create a shortage or reduce the availability of medicines. There are not currently any concerns nationally about the supply, or future availability, of medicines.

If you request prescription items early, we will send a prescription electronically to your nominated pharmacy, BUT this will be dated to be available when your next medication is due. It will not be available straight away.

We trust that you understand the need to avoid stockpiling medicines which will cause problems for everyone.

We have had a lot of requests for inhalers and nebules from people who do not have asthma, or who have not had symptoms for over a year.

A past history of asthma, not requiring current treatment is NOT thought to be a significant risk for the severity of covid-19 and so please do NOT request inhalers “just in case”, unless you are currently using them to treat your asthma.